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Work Matters

A man with down syndrome works in a grocery store.

Work Matters’ mission is increasing self-sufficiency, advancing equal opportunity, and empowering businesses with alternative solutions to hiring qualified employees. This supported employment program provides employment services that represent a commitment to local employers and underemployed citizens. These services are individually tailored for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, and serious mental illnesses. Our supported employment services include person-centered job planning, individualized job placement, skills training, and ongoing support. Individuals with or without waiver resources may receive these services. Job seekers are assisted in securing and maintaining customized labor market positions in an integrated setting. Through a partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools, Work Matters also provides pre-employment work-readiness training for students in high school.

Work Matters Helps By

  • Identifying the employer’s unmet needs
  • Finding cost savings by unbundling job descriptions that could be performed by an entry-level employee, which increases performance and efficiency
  • Matching tasks with the job seeker’s specific competencies
  • Providing on-site support and consultative services to employees and employer
  • Delivering ongoing follow-up to address changing business needs
  • Offering the opportunity to hire a significantly under-utilized pool of qualified candidates
  • Meeting the current and ongoing situational needs of both the individual and the employer

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