Recovery Housing

Stable Housing plays a critical role in an individual’s recovery from addiction. When someone is battling an addiction, often, one of the first safety nets they lose is the structure over their head. We provide both men’s and women’s specific recovery housing due to various needs such as safety & comfort, specific needs, socialization, cultural and societal aspects, and men and women may have different coping mechanisms and escalations in recovery. 

Our recovery housing support program combines affordable housing and sober support services to help individuals and families use housing as a platform for recovery following homelessness, hospitalization, or incarceration. These safe spaces provide a healthy and structured environment to help prevent relapse and successfully maintain recovery.  

At Seven Counties Services, we provide a wide variety of housing options in varying degrees of structure, support, and accountability based on the needs of the individual. 

Men’s Residential Program

We offer a 60-day program transitional living home that provides a place for men to live while they receive intensive outpatient and aftercare treatment. While in recovery housing clients participate in daily peer support groups, receive case management, and employment services. Peer groups are designed to equip you with the skills you need to be successful in recovery and life.

Seven Counties Services offers one of the only transitional housing facilities in Louisville that allows men to live while on medication-assisted treatment.

Women’s Residential Programs

*We accept both transgender men & women

Our Women’s Renaissance Center, located in Shelbyville, KY, is designed to serve pregnant women suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders. This program specializes in providing a structured, supportive, and empowered therapeutic environment that establishes recovery and allows for the delivery of a baby free from illicit substances.

Women’s Addiction Recovery Center is a 30–45-day residential program for women who are coming out of medical detox at our Addiction Recovery Center. Programming focuses on evidence-based treatment models, including the COR-12 model (12 steps with medication-assisted treatment). This program will help reduce outside distractions and offers a safe, structured environment that provides a solid foundation for recovery.

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