Volunteer Spotlight: Brian Mallory Wins 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award

The 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award from Louisville Business First honors a person in the business community making a difference not only at their company but in their volunteer efforts as well. In addition to being the Executive Director of Supplier Quality at GE Appliances, Brian Mallory has been a dedicated and passionate volunteer of Seven Counties Services / Bellewood & Brooklawn for the past ten years. We cannot thank Brian enough for his continued support, constant advocacy for our cause, and financial backing. This award is much deserved!

About Brian

Here at Seven Counties Services, we consider Brian a “yes man” because he is always saying yes to whatever is needed, whether working with our youth directly or helping with a work project on one of our campuses. He helps with fundraising, served on the board of directors, and has remained engaged in the organization’s mission even after rotating off.

One of the many ways Brian has remained engaged and displays Volunteer of the Year is through creating a co-op tutoring program. The tutoring program is crucial to the success of our youth as some are two grade levels behind and highly benefit from this extra assistance outside of school hours. Although we have other community volunteers that assist with tutoring, Brian has gotten our organization as many as 70+ GE Appliance volunteers during the school year. This relationship with GE Appliance ultimately allows more kids to get the help they need.

While the program was started years ago with GE Appliance and Bellewood & Brooklawn, Brian still leads the program to this day. We are thankful for his continued support, advocacy for funding, and the support he provides for our tutoring program financially.

GE Appliance Blue Wave Day of Service

Another way Brain supports our mission is through the GE Appliance Blue Wave Day of Service. This initiative annually brings dozen of volunteers to one of our campuses to complete grounds work we could never manage on our own. Especially in 2021, after months of our campus being locked down to guests due to the pandemic, our grounds desperately needed attention. Brian organized the first significant volunteer day through GE Appliance. He walked the land himself and identified the most pressing projects they would prioritize. From there, he collected three teams who tackled some of the most significant projects needed on our Brooklawn Campus.

During this, Brian organized not only the volunteers but also coordinated refreshments and was the motivation that kept people working from morning to afternoon! He is always remembering those we serve and advocates for them constantly. For example, he created snack bags for adult clients receiving mental health care through our services on the Seven Counties side. He previously hosted a breakfast table at our 10th Annual Breakfast Event, and also spoke in the video that was presented at breakfast.

A Lasting Impact

Brian has showed our kids that people still care about them, and they are not forgotten. In his interview with Louisville Business First, Brian recommended for anyone interested in volunteering to first just reach out to an organization or cause they’re interested in. “Organizations (especially area nonprofits) have such a need that once you raise your hand, the organizations will find an opportunity to match your skills and time commitment you’re willing to make,” he said. “Also, make it fun. Grab friends and family to do it with you. Volunteering doesn’t have to be a chore.”

From Brian’s first involvement with us over ten years ago as a leader of the first big GE Volunteer Day on the Brooklawn campus, we’ve seen a lasting impact. From the playground, the pavilion, the deck on the office, fences, and more, we’re proud to highlight Brian Mallory as the 2022 Volunteer of the Year.

Become a Volunteer Today

Like Brian, you can help make a difference by providing the most personal gift you can give: your time and talent! At Seven Counties Services, we offer many opportunities for individuals, groups, and families to get involved in our mission. Whether your strengths and passions lie in event planning, mentoring, or just being a caring friend, the opportunities to serve are numerous. Any assistance you provide will have a lasting impact on the children and families we serve across our community! Learn how to become a volunteer today.

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